Office Bearers

Hardynge Choir Committee

The Hardynge Choir concerts, rehearsal and other activities, are organised by a Committee whose members are elected at the AGM.  The AGM is held early in the Winter term each year.  Audited financial accounts are also approved by choir members at the AGM.

The administration of the Hardynge Choir is governed by the Constitution.


Chairman John Myres
Secretary Sue Pardoe
Treasurer Sheila Farmer
Musical Director Rufus Frowde
Accompanist Matthew Woodward
Representative Member 1 Jack Easton
Representative Member 2 Harriet Gloess

Voice Reps

Soprano Moira Seton
Alto Janet Lang
Tenor Jan Nelder
Bass Goetz Richter
Other posts
Membership Secretary Primrose Watts
Concert Manager Bob Grover
Advertising & Sponsorship Mgr Bob Jones
Ticket Secretary Susan Symonds
Librarian Clorinda Goodman
Friends’ Secretary Peter Bennett
Refreshments no members in position
Webmaster Ian Williamson
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